Meet Lora Zill, the Blue Collar Artist

Meet Lora Zill, the Blue Collar Artist

Are you passionate about creatively expressing yourself?

Do you hunger for a deeper relationship with God?

Then I invite you to join me in this pursuit, to discover how using our gifts and talents in the arts and crafts can make a difference in our churches, communities, and mostly, in ourselves.

As we imagine and create, whether it’s jewelry design, painting, singing, paper crafting, dance, or any other creative gifting, we’ll discover what we hunger for.

We’ll feel God’s pleasure.

In Jesus we find the Root and Source of our creativity. In Him we find our Light and Life, creation and delight. Jesus takes pleasure in us and wants to express His creative nature through us. He transforms our imaginations so we can grasp the fullness of Him who fills the heavens and the earth.

When we imagine and create, we’ll satisfy our insatiable longing to feel God’s pleasure. If you feel the same longing, let’s talk. Sign up for my blog, take a look at my website. Contact me. I suspect we share similar stories. My story is a journey from the blue collar, central Pennsylvania coal fields to a teacher and arts professional. You had a different beginning, and are in a different place, but we’ve all wanted one thing: to know God more deeply.

We can. Not just feel His presence, but His pleasure, through our creative work.

Would you join me?