Art and Eternity

How To Gain Control Of Your Time

I have a True Confession to make. I know you’ll be shocked, shocked that I share this preoccupation with you. Wait…here it is:

What time is it? How much time did _________ take? How much longer until ______? Can I cram this task into the five minutes before my next appointment?  That took longer than I thought!  I can’t do that, I’m too busy. ???????????????????????????????????????

I’m working on that obsession. I’ve stopped saying “I don’t have time.”  If I’m honest with myself, it’s a lie.

I have all the time I need to live my life. To believe anything else is a lie.

It’s a hard truth, isn’t it?

The issue isn’t time, it’s our choices in using it.  If I “don’t have time” for __________, I am spending my time doing something else that is a higher priority. Those priorities may be unwelcome, such as with trying circumstances, or maybe I’m obligated through commitments, but I’ve still made choices.  If I proclaim I don’t have time, I’m making something else responsible for my decisions.

Of course, there are exceptions. People fighting terminal illness face limited time, at least on earth.

The rest of us need to be honest.  I don’t see Jesus proclaiming how busy He was or talking about needing to “make time.” He ordered his life around one priority: doing the Father’s work.

So as I celebrate the passage of time into this New Year, my goal is to choose priorities in the light of eternity’s timelessness