Spiritual Places

28 Spiritual Places To See Before You Die

A few years ago Smithsonian Magazine ran an article entitled “28 Places To See Before You Die” (January 2008).  These places include Easter Island, The Great Wall, Pyramids of Giza, Fallingwater, and Great Barrier Reef. We boomers are into making our “life lists” or “bucket lists” of things to do or see before we die so this list generated lots of social networking publicity.

Maybe there are 28 Spiritual Places To See Before I Die. I don’t necessarily mean grand churches, cathedrals or places of religiously significant artifacts or art, I mean spiritual places: “places” in the character of God and internal places of the spirit. Are there 28 “places” for me to explore spiritually? What can I discover in the lives of courageous men and women of God who have told their stories through print or other artistic means?  Whose lives are as grand, beautiful, or majestic spiritually as the Great Wall of China, Great Barrier Reef or Antarctica are physically? I’m a witness to some of those lives right now.

Is there a “Grand Canyon” of the spirit? A place carved by the waters of the Spirit from a rock hardened life that is now a marvel? Or maybe a Mount Kilimanjaro beckons the climber of the Spirit. Or the spiritual ashes of a Pompeii signal a need to rise again.

Can someone watch my life, find a spiritual place and be glad they’ve seen it before they die?