Trust Issues

Trust Issues: David, Goliath, and Art

My blog last week sounded a resonating chord with some readers. There is much more to explore with “trust issues” and our work in art.

When the Psalmist David declared, “I will trust in You,” his confidence in God inspired him to take on challenges and responsibilities others recoiled from.  We remember his confrontation with Goliath, the boy facing the giant with the future of Israel riding on his small shoulders.  We study his troubled relationship with Saul and the threats Saul made on his life.  We admire his courage and grace under pressure.

I think the same trust that compelled David to face adversity functioned in other ways, namely, inspiring him to create many of the Psalms in the beloved hymnbook of the Bible.  I wonder if David prayed “I will trust in You” before he wrote poetry for worship as well as before he led his troops into battle.  If we have faced down giants in our own lives, if we have led others into battle, why not honor that gift of trust by extending it into our artistic work?  We just might meet God in our art again.