Speaker/Teaching Artist

I enjoy speaking about writing and the arts and have shared at many conferences, including:

Florida Christian Writers’ Conference

National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Convention.

Pennsylvania Association of Art Educators Conference (PAAE).

ArtsErie, Art-In-Action Learning Labs.

Western Pennsylvania Artist-In-Education Conference.

Clarion County Educators In-Service Day

Write-To-Publish Conference

Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers’ Conference

St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference

Montrose Christian Writers’ Conference.

I conducted a training session for educators and teaching artists (at the beginning and 20:00) with One World Tribe and First District Elementary School teacher Joyce Klasen:

I would love to share at your conference.  Here are my workshops.  Click List of Workshops for synopses.

Poetry:  Cross Training for Prose Writers   (my most popular class)   

     A blogger took my Poetry:  Cross Training For Prose Writers” class.  Find her comments here.

Writing the “Good Poem”

“Discovery Poems” Discover What You Have To Say

The Music In Words:  How Sound and Rhythm Work In Language

Writing the Personal Essay 

Letters to the Editor and Editorials: An Audience of Thousands

Ten Commandments for Dealing With Editors

Writing as Art, The Writer As Artist    

The Christian View of Writers As Artists    

The Secrets of the Muse, Imagination, and Discipline