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Steve Jobs: Bringing Beauty To Life

Have you ever reflected on why you pay the money to own an iphone?  Or why you shell out bigger bucks to own an ipad rather than a cheaper tablet from someone else? (If you’re an Android user you’ll get a “take away” too from this blog.)

Steve Jobs’ love for simple and elegant design drove his professional vision.  His “big idea” or “mission statement,” if you will, guided his product development. He believed that technology can be and should be intuitive and easy to use and pushed his engineers to develop products that fulfilled those beliefs.

These products (including ipods and ipads) have become so integrated with our lives we can’t imagine living without them.  But they aren’t only functional, they are lovely, sleek, and elegant. Form and function complement each other; one has not been sacrificed for the other.

Todd's iphone
Todd’s iphone

I’m not a shill for Steve Jobs. But I appreciate how he intuited the importance of beauty when we had been conditioned to believe that elegance served function, if it appeared at all. (This is a general statement, I’m sure you can think of exceptions.) But our “conditioning” is changing. More and more products, from potato peelers to plastic shampoo bottles, motorcycles to personal watercraft, are now beautiful and elegant as well as functional.

I think our love of beauty and ease of use arises from God’s creation. Surely God was the first One interested in bringing beauty and elegance into our everyday lives. Our appreciation and desire for it reflects His desires for us.

Not a bad thing, this integration of beauty and art into our daily lives, wouldn’t you say?

2 thoughts on “Steve Jobs: Bringing Beauty To Life

  1. Hi Don, I have friends who are Apple people like you. I admire Apple products, but I’m too cheap and attached to my clunky pc, etc. But I’m glad for everyday beauty, because as you so eloquently say, it reflects God’s creative majesty here and now. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Enjoyed this, Lora. I know you weren’t “selling” Apple, but I have been an Apple guy since that little Mac came out in 1984. I bought the first one for our high school newspaper class back then. I have always been surrounded by PC/Windows people who I certainly respect as they talk about doing things cheaper with their “ugly” utilitarian machines while I work with all my expensive “pretty” Apple stuff (my “toys” as my wife calls them). I have always enjoyed Apple’s harmony and elegance of design while I perform productive tasks intuitively and easily. Am I biased? Yep.

    I love your thoughts on God’s beauty. He made us with an appreciation for things beautiful that surround us. Sounds like a corny idea, I guess, unless you slow down and consider what a phenomenon and mystery the idea of beauty is, a reflection of God’s creative majesty right here, right now.

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