“Slow, No Wake”

When we say that someone is a deep person, we mean they have…permanent convictions…a web of unconditional loves…(and) permanent commitments to transcendent projects… David Brooks, “The Deepest Self” New York Times, March 14, 2014.

For its size, Conneaut Lake can be quite deep, up to about 80 feet in some areas. The depth supports lots of activity. It stays frozen longer than other lakes and attracts many ice fishermen. Summertime boaters enjoy the unlimited horsepower, and many areas on the lakeshore must be marked by buoys: “Slow, No Wake.” (As a kayaker, I make sure I stay tucked inside those areas for protection.)

Getting Ready For Summer At Conneaut Lake, PA
Getting Ready For Summer At Conneaut Lake, PA

I’d like to think that depth Brooks is talking about supports lots of activity in life, too. Too often we equate “depth” with slow pace and quietness.  But “depth” could also demand much activity, because a “deep person” has commitments to transcendent projects, work that is “bigger” than they are.  Those tasks probably also require down time for thought, but we can’t measure the depth of a person by how introspective they are.  The task is worthy of their devotion and attention, and may keep them very active. Their connection to transcendence keeps them focused, no matter what the work demands.

Being creative connects me with transcendence. But let’s call it–Him, what it–He, is. Creativity connects me with God. Not only creativity through artistic expression, but a creative approach to life. I need to broaden my imagination to encompass the breadth–and depth–of that kind of life.



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