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Retreat Reflections From the Monastery

  • Monastic life, for the short time I shared it, has its own rhythms of service, solitude, fellowship, and prayer.  To enter those rhythms as a welcomed fellow pilgrim is rejuvenating.  Makes me want to create rhythm in my own life.
  • It took commitment to get to your “hermitage.” (The sisters call these cabins “herms.”) I packed my gear on a sled and hauled it across two wooden bridges, up a long hill and through the silent woods in a driving snowstorm.  The snow was lovely, dark, and deep, and it felt like a mile long slog from the “herm” to the monastery for prayers and meals and then back. Don’t forget your flashlight for the trek after dinner.

    Mount S. Benedict Hermitage
    Mount St. Benedict hermitage
  • My “hermitage” really began when I realized I needed to get the mind of God.  A contemplative reading described the “hunger” I felt as God’s hunger for me.  I’m still reflecting on that.
  • I appreciate the friends and acquaintances who shared encouraging words about my retreat.  (One even sent cd’s of Kathleen Norris reading her book Acedia and Me.)  I listened to each voice as the voice of God.
  • I took two books: my Bible and Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship. This Queen of Multitasking didn’t.  I really can take two days to shut up, sit, listen, and pray.
  • Journaling has a purpose, as I write to know what I think. But this time my thoughts weren’t important.  I only jotted down what God thought.

Next time I’ll share about praying with the sisters and more about the monastery.  Next year I’ll pack my snowshoes!

2 thoughts on “Retreat Reflections From the Monastery

  1. Hi Nancy, You were one of the acquaintances (since we’ve never met) I was thinking of when I mentioned the encouragement I received. Thank you. And you never know, you may have the chance to visit one.

  2. I am so happy for you! What a marvelous experience. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with those of us who dream of spending time in a hermitage.

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