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Going Back In Our Time Machines

“I’m going back in the time machine;/ I’ll be right back,” my daughter hollers/from the backyard when it’s time/ to set the table. I let her go…in the oblivion/ of imagination I once knew…  (“H.G. Who?”)

We can identify with poet Marjorie Maddox’s lines from her new book Local News From Someplace Else. We wish we could get lost in the “oblivion” of our imaginations again.  It feels like an indulgence, doesn’t it, something we really don’t have time for.

We “boomers” do get lost in our imaginations.  The name of our time machine is “Nostalgia.”  But the daughter in the poem isn’t reliving old memories, she’s moving forward to new adventures.  As Maddox recounts, she is “off to visit the moon/or that strange new solar system/ calling to be discovered.”

The Time Machine
The Time Machine

When my kids were small their rocket to the moon was a large cardboard box with holes for air and entry.  I don’t know what solar systems they discovered, but they spent enough time in the box to find quite a few.  I would listen to them banging around in it while I cooked dinner.  Maddox watches her daughter and also returns to “pot roast and green beans.”

Maybe it’s time for me to point my imagination forward instead of backward.  I’ll put dinner in a crockpot and join my (future) grandkids in their box.  Or better yet, I’ll create my own space and go off to find new planets.  (I’ll be sure to tell you about them.)  Why should kids have all the fun?*

*From my article “Five Ways To Cultivate Creativity and Imagination in Everyday Life” in todayschristianwoman.com.

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