Painting A House and The Red I Didn’t See

Painting the exterior of my mission style bungalow (possibly a Sears Craftsman “kit home”) has given me more insight about grace.

I’ve learned from choosing paint that often the process is not WYSIWYG.  You hope for a “close enough” match to your mental picture.  Once I peeled off a swatch of exterior paint to get “touch up.” The clerk matched it on the computer.  We even walked outside to compare the new and old colors and I was satisfied.  I painted the spots.  They didn’t match the original color.

These colors are clear!
These colors are clear!

So this time I painted color samples on walls so I could see how each looked in sunny and shady conditions.  I uploaded a picture and “painted” it.  I settled on colors and my guys set to work.

One sunny morning I went outside to check their progress, and my contractor called from the scaffolding.

“I didn’t know you chose butterscotch.”

No mistaking these paint colors!
No mistaking these paint colors!

What?….I hadn’t.  I crossed the street to look.  The color did indeed look butterscotch, not the “Only Natural” I had bought.  The sunlight was highlighting the very slight reddish tones in the paint.

I shook my head.  I couldn’t even get upset that I hadn’t noticed the red tones when I painted it on smaller areas. The paint was bought.  We had to go with it.

Now that the color is covering large areas, that tone gives the walls energy.  It’s the original color, just not the color I thought it was.  But I love it!

I need grace to approach my life that way. My perception can be mistaken.  Stepping back, seeing the big picture, and enjoying the different tones seems a better way.  I bet I’ll end up liking this path of grace.

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