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The Power Of A Gesture

Gesture:  A movement of a part of the body to express ideas or emotions.

A friend holds my hand, a mother kisses her young adult daughter (in public, no less) after a long absence, and for my dog loving friends, a paw is raised or a face is licked.  “Small” gestures can be powerful symbols of a bigger idea.

Then sometimes, for lack of a gesture, a kingdom—a relationship—is lost.

I want to talk about a bold gesture that was a call to change.

I enjoy contributing to the discussion during my church’s Sunday School class.  Once I expressed my worry about a potential issue with personal implications.  The teacher addressed the group with wise words, then suddenly looked in my direction, raised her left hand, and pointed at me across the room.  “Lora Zill, God has you in the palm of His hand.”

I was struck silent.  It was the finger of God to me.

My generation was taught that pointing is rude. The teacher could have just spoken that to me privately.  But then that gesture would’ve been lost, the finger wouldn’t have been raised to represent to me and others in the class the call of God to trust.

When I’m tempted to worry, I see that pointing finger.  I took it as God, and I think, the teacher meant it, without judgment, just a call to a different attitude. God has me (and you) in the palm of His hand.

So I’m thinking about the power of a gesture. Sometimes the “smallest” act is an extension of grace that can change a life.

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