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The Traveling Cross Photo Project

I loved the card with "due" on it.
I loved the card with “due” on it.

The Traveling Cross is an arts project where I shoot photos of a seven inch brass cross in various, often unexpected, settings, for example, on the bed of a semi trailer,  playground equipment,  a restaurant table after a meal, and a security alarm box.  The photos are run as part of a montage before our Sunday church services.

Need help?
Need help?

My goal is to get people to think about where Jesus, represented by the cross, can be found. Of course we believe He’s everywhere, but what exactly does “everywhere” look like?   Do we really sense His presence that completely?

Also, I’ve discovered ways to juxtapose Christian themes with perhaps jarring visual images.  For example, I placed the cross on the edge of a Lake Erie beach and drew far back so the cross looks dwarfed by the lake.  That image disturbed one person (who was honest enough to tell me so) because the size

Does this seem disrespectful?
Does this seem disrespectful?

of the cross in the photo made it seem unimportant.  Don’t we often treat the cross like it has no relevance?

Would a photo of the cross surrounded by dead fish seem disrespectful? That wasn’t my goal. The cross represents suffering of the Innocent, death, atonement, and redemption.  We see the fish and imagine how they smell.  And there’s the cross, standing triumphantly in the midst of physical death.  But perhaps you’ve made other connections.

I’m curious to know what you think of these images.  We’ll see where else the Traveling Cross finds itself.  We’ll see where else we discover the presence of Jesus.

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