The Dead Fish Float

It occurred to me on my kayaking excursion tonight that dead fish don’t float the same way.

The typical Dead Fish floats side up, not belly up, in a rather graceful curve, with tail and head ends down.  Some float straight for easier identification.  Not being a Dead Fish expert, perhaps their floating positions indicate various states of decay.

But tonight I saw a new form of Dead Fish.  They weren’t floating.  At first I thought they were white plastic bags in the water where I launch.   I was grumbling about yet more garbage to pick up when I saw a dead head attached to the milky white.  It was a walleye.  There must have been a dozen of them, rather filleted, littering the lake floor.   Their origin is a mystery; perhaps a fisherman lost his catch.

I’m always harping at my students for specific details.  But when I considered a name for this blog, the Dead Walleye (Non)Float didn’t have the same ring to it.  No rhythm.  The Dead Carp Float (also spotted) has other issues.  It’s too hard to follow a “p” with an “f” linguistically.  You have to slow down or slur your consonants together.  But your lips and tongue are in perfect position for the double “f” with a “sh” in between.  (Dr. LeVan, my linguistics prof, would be proud.) The alliteration is fun to say, quickly moving the phrase along.

And no, it’s not a meeting of the Grateful Dead and Phish, unfortunately.  But it would make a great name for a band, wouldn’t it?  The Dead Fish Float.  Or maybe a dance.  It would be the next YouTube sensation.

6 thoughts on “The Dead Fish Float

  1. Well, does thinking about that angle make you an angler, Lora? Love the way you take a small thing and focus on it … and yet extrapolate out to larger things.

    And I have to admit that within the first two sentences I thought, “What a great name for a band.” 🙂 Great minds, and all that…. 🙂

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