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Hi!  Thanks for visiting.

I am Lora Zill, and I am looking for people of faith who fancy themselves as creative and want to explore what that means in their lives.  I have a “blue collar artist” mentality when I teach and work in the arts.  It’s not just the painters and dancers, or those of exceptional talent who can enjoy the arts, but anyone who uses their imagination to create works of beauty and even usefulness.

I also explore in my blog how faith and the Judeo-Christian worldview shapes our creative expression but welcome anyone of any faith (or no faith) to join the dialogue.

My artistry is focused around language.  I teach writing to college students and gifted students and speak at conferences for writers and artists.  As a teaching artist I lead writing residencies in schools and train teachers in arts infused curriculum.  I also publish a literary Christian poetry magazine and my own work is widely published.

So if you’re looking for a conference or workshop speaker, let’s talk.  If you want an educator who knows how to engage students in the arts of writing and poetry, let’s talk.  If you are also passionate about creativity, the arts, and faith, here’s your invitation to visit my blog where I will muse about how they connect and integrate.

Welcome.  Thanks for visiting.  I hope you’ll explore my site and join the conversation.


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